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So far we’ve raised $1772. This is an ongoing project and you can still help!


The Crisis

Starting on May 14th, 2014, the people of Serbia experienced the worst flooding the region has known in more than 120 years. Three months worth of rain fell on the country in less than 48 hours causing many rivers, including the Sava and Kolubara rivers, to breach their banks. Fully one third of Serbia was flooded displacing thousands of people and leaving still more trapped without essentials like electricity, food and water.

Homes and businesses were destroyed. Basic infrastructure and industry was lost. Most importantly, the death toll is still being counted as flood waters recede.


The Problem

Officials quickly determined that the massive flooding contaminated water supplies all over Serbia. Drinking water in some areas will be impacted for the next four years. This problem alone represents a massive humanitarian crisis for a small country still recovering from years of economic hardship.

The people of Serbia face many challenges as they recover from the flooding, but a lack of clean drinking water is a basic need that simply cannot be overlooked.


Our Solution

Water For Serbia has chosen to focus on the single basic need of providing clean drinking water. Working with a humanitarian aid program of UK-based LIFESAVER Systems, developers of some of the most efficient portable water purification systems on the market today, our goal is to provide hundreds of LIFESAVER Cube and LIFESAVER Jerrycan water purification systems through our volunteers on the ground in Serbia to the areas most effected by the floods.

We need your help! Donate Today and help us reach more people in need.

Donate Today

You can help provide clean drinking water!

How Does It Work?

Watch this video to see exactly how impressive the LIFESAVER water purification technology is. Inventor Michael Pritchard demonstrates the LIFESAVER Bottle at a TED talk in 2009.